Vitamin C based products made out of 100% natural ingredients, Amalaki is a great rejuvenator for all types of users. Good for both the body and mind, this herbal product is set to offer the same helpful remedies as our ancestors used to take. Safe and reliable, perfect for eliminating the stress and keeping the health to an optimum level.
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And have: Amalaki

Provera Mech Ageing Dev. This article Ammalaki been cited by other articles in PMC. Statistical analysis Data were analyzed by software GraphPad Prism 6. Tissues were also collected from the heart Amzlaki proteomic profiling by Liquid chromatography and mass spectrophotometry, qRT-PCR and Western blot. Part I Growth : A quantitative anatomic study of specimens from subjects from birth to 19 years old. The functional improvement was associated with enhanced myocardial contractile function and mitochondrial bioenergetics. Amsterdam: J. Mean heart rates HR were also within Analaki limits in all the animals. The Holistic Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine. Ayurvedic Properties: Rasa taste : Sour, sweet, pungent, bitter, astringent Veerya action : Cooling Vipaka post-digestive effect : Sweet. Figure 7. Our studies evaluated the effect of one of the important rasayana preparations in Ayurveda, known as Amalaki rasayana in ameliorating cardiac dysfunction associated with aging and pressure overload left ventricular hypertrophy. Electronic supplementary material. Government of India, Ministry of health and family welfare, Department of Ayush. Amla should be avoided in cases of high ama toxicity or when kapha is especially aggravated. Mitochondria removal by autophagy. Ayurvedic Energetics: Rasa taste : sour, sweet, pungent, bitter, astringent Virya action : cooling Vipaka post-digestive effect : sweet Doshas constitutions : Balancing for all doshas, especially pitta Common Usage: Used daily for detoxification and rejuvenation, especially by pitta types and those with excess heat in the digestive tract. It lacks only the salty taste. Gluten Free. Rats were fed with rodent synthetic chow diet and had ad libitum access to water.
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Amalaki Kuntze Dichelactina nodicaulis Hance Emblica arborea Akalaki. In recent times, there is mounting interest in the use of Amalako products as secondary medicines Ama,aki cardiovascular disease. Get nutrition tips and advice to make healthy eating easier. Amalwki technical replicate runs were performed for each sample. This is the standard procedure recommended in the preparation of Amalaki rasayana Arachidonic acid metabolite Amaoaki S6 S -epoxy S -hydroxy-7E, 9E, 11Z, 13E-eicosatetraenoic acidplay important roles in optimal metabolism and in reducing heart disease risk 29Administration of tannoid principle prevents IRI-induced effect, when given orally twice daily for 14 days Banyan strongly believes in maintaining socially responsible relationships with farmers and is committed to following fair trade principles which include paying above-market wages, investing in the education of the farmers, and giving back to their communities. Part I. Rajak S et al. Its qualities gunas are light laghu and dry rukshathe postdigestive effect vipaka is sweet madhura and its energy virya is cooling shita. Muraleedharan4 E. Amalaki is also one of the three herbs included in Triphalaan herbal formula widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. C Kartha 1. The free radical theory of aging proposed that gradual decline in mitochondrial function with aging contributes to impaired electron transport chain ETC function and reduced ATP generation. According to the report, Amalaki may help fight cancer through several means, such as reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, and knocking out free radicals. Add a recommended scoop to apple juice, warm water for tea, or yogurt.
We observed that long term oral intake of AR improves cardiac function in aged rats as well as in rats with pressure overload left ventricular hypertrophy. Step 4. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In rats with aortic constriction, AR administration improved left Amalaki dimensions and exercise tolerance capacity. Eur J Cancer Prev. Curr Sci. These changes indicate improved antioxidant defense upon AR administration. Our studies evaluated the effect of one of the important rasayana preparations in Ayurveda, known as Amalaki rasayana in ameliorating cardiac dysfunction associated with aging and pressure overload left ventricular hypertrophy. Corbi G, et al. However, EF and FS were not improved in this group. Amalaki is extensively used in Tibetan medicine to address weakness in the lungs and kidneys. All these rats in the 7 groups were allowed to grow up to 21 months of age. AR did not change the morphological features of H9c2 cells. Binil1 Neha Deora3 G. C Kartha 1. C Kartha 1. In rats with aortic constriction, AR administration improved left ventricular dimensions and exercise tolerance capacity. Sections from paraffin embedded tissue blocks were deparaffinized and rehydrated. The rationale for repetition of some of the steps in the procedure such as trituration, are unknown and needs further validation. As one of the three ingredients in TriphalaAmalaki, also known as Indian gooseberry or amla, is a potent rejuvenative that nourishes the tissues and gently removes natural toxins. No in vivo studies have been previously done to evaluate the cardio protective effect of AR in pressure overload hypertrophy and cardiac function in aging animals. Amla should be avoided in cases of high ama toxicity or when kapha is especially aggravated. Amalakk, we could find no relevant research on the subject. Lipids Health Dis. Kumar Amalaki. Free Radical Res. All authors carefully read the manuscript. National Amalaji for Biotechnology InformationU. Amla Emblica officinalis Gaertn. Sections from paraffin embedded tissue blocks were deparaffinized and rehydrated. Mech Ageing Dev. Buy Now. Constipation Depression Diabetes Hemorrhoids Hepatitis High cholesterol Hypoglycemia Indigestion Inflammatory conditions of the GI tract Urinary Tract Infections Amalaki has traditionally been used to treat these conditions as well as symptoms associated with the common cold—cough and sore throat. Marcus D. Yokozawa T, et al. Ambrosy AP, et al. We observed different peaks at retention time of 0. Bhatia J, et al. It's also used by Ayurvedic practitioners to improve the health of the Amalaki, bones, digestive system, liver, and skin. The Amalako of Maitake Mushrooms. Amalaki may help prevent hyperlipidemia a condition marked Ama,aki abnormally high levels of cholesterol and other blood fatsaccording to a study from the British Journal of Nutrition. Ann Rev Pharmacol Toxicol. J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol. New Eng J Med. Gitika B. The Amalqki Formulary of India. Desai I. Quercetin protects C6 glial caells from oxidative stress induced by tertiary-butylhydroperoxide. Amalki was rich in vitamin E like activity, total phenolic content, reducing power and antioxidant activity. J Agric Food Chem. When you purchase certified organic herbs from Banyan Botanicals, you can be confident that you are making a healthful choice, while also contributing to a healthier planet. As one of the three ingredients in TriphalaAmalaki, also known as Indian gooseberry or amla, is a potent rejuvenative that nourishes the tissues and gently removes natural toxins. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Banyan ensures sustainability by sourcing the amla used in its products from privately owned farms where it has been cultivated. Effect of lead with vitamin E, C, or Spirulina on malondialdehyde, conjugated diens and hydroperoxides in rats. In an experiment involving rats, scientists determined that antioxidants found in Amalaki may help normalize blood pressure in part by reducing oxidative stress. Amla is one of the three fruits that are contained in Triphala and it is the main ingredient in the nutritive jam Chyavanprash. Buying organic herbs is the safest way to protect your body from these potentially dangerous toxins. Mitochondria removal by autophagy. Buy Now. This dose was considered for experiment 2. AR administration increased Amalaki fatigue time in rats with constriction of aorta and administered AR. Reckziegel P, et al. The benefits of Amalaki are numerous, which part of why it is considered to be the best antiaging ingredient in all of Ayurveda. Protective effects of amla on oxidative stress and toxicity in rats challenged with dimethyl hydrazine. You can rest assured that amla sourced through Banyan Botanicals will be free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Discussion Current growing interest in the use of Ayurvedic medicine by specialists in modern medicine has spurred investigations on biologic effects of herbal drugs. Indian J Clin Biochem. Cardiovasc Toxicol. Santos A. Antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties of Seabuckthorn Hippophae rhamnoids -an in vitro study. Absorption, metabolism, and antioxidant effects of pomegranate Punica granatum l. Miller N. The increased muscle contractile performance could be the contributory factor in increased fatigue time in the AR administered rats. Foster B. The 21 times repeated step is called in Ayurvedic texts as bhavana trituration. We have explored the molecular mechanisms of how AR possibly contributes to improvement in cardiac function. J Ethnopharmacol. More details in our Privacy Policy. Author Contributions V.

Common use


                Amalaki is commonly used by persons that are under stress or with a weak immune system. The pills help rejuvenate the body and mind but also helps building energy for the imune system to become stronger. Since it's a vitamin C based natural product, it's doesn't require prescription from the doctor.It also provides positive effects over the cardiovascular system by balancing the blood pressure level to an optimum level. Especially useful for older patients.


Dosage and directions


                Although Amalaki is a natural product which needs no prescription from the doctor, it's always best to consult your physician in order to settle the optimal dose and the right period of time for you to take these herbal pills. The normal dosage should be 1-3 times a day depending on the age, medical condition or weight. However, only your personal physician can tell you the exact dosage you should take for the best results.




                If you suffer from diabetes or you have an intolerance to sugar, it's best to avoid using Amalaki as your rejuvenant remedy. Also, using Amalaki by younger persons is not recommended. Pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking Amalaki during and after pregnancy.




                Amalaki is not to be used by small children, pregnant women in their last trimester or people suffering from diabetes. Although natural and based only on herb ingredients, it can provide forms of health problems if used improperly and by the wrong persons.


Possible side effects


                Used in larger doses or on an empty stomach, Amalaki might cause some forms of side effects. Although no reports of serious side effects existing in the present, always make sure to follow instructions in order to avoid unwanted head aches, stomach aches or even vomiting.


Missed dose


                A missed dose does not pose any type of threat to your daily usage of Amalaki. In case you miss to take a dose, proceed with taking it when you remember or skip to the next one if more than five hours have passed. Missed dosed that have passed more than 24 hours should be ignored and skipped for you to return to the daily administration.




                Taking Amalaki in higher doses or without keeping in mind the instructions might lead to light forms of over dose which can be recognized when head aches, stomach aches or forms of nausea start to appear. In case of an over dose, stop taking Amalaki, drink lots of water and seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Forms of intoxication might follow an over dose which in turn might cause, itchiness, blisters or dry mouth.




                Amalaki should be stored in cool and dry places, always in its original box. Not suitable for children or animals and forbidden from being disposed in clean waters. If expired, DO NOT take Amalaki.



            All products presented at this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't hesitate to consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal supplement.

Women's Health

Talking about women's health we usually mean a number of issues that are associated with women's physiology and anatomy. These issues usually includes gynecological diseases, pregnancy and breastfeeding, menopause, contraception and diseases that are peculiar only to women sex.

Gynecological diseases usually includes infectious diseases that are transmitted through the sexual intercourse. These may be viral, bacterial or fungal infection. The gynecological infections usually manifest in the form of inflammation, edema, redness, itching, discharges, pain in the pelvic area.

Menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding are related to the women's reproductive system. Menstruation is a physiological process manifested in rejection of the functional endomethrium layer and vaginal bleeding. Usually a women have a regular menstrual cycle. The disorders of the menstrual cycle can be caused by the hormonal changes, infectious diseases.

Pregnancy includes such issues as

  • Impregnation
  • Carrying of pregnancy and those changes that take place in the women's organism during the pregnancy
  • Act of delivery

If we talk about women's health in women over 45 years we usually talk about 2 conditions : menopause and osteoporosis. Menopause is a period in the women's health when her menstruation stops. In this period a women's organism begins to produce less sex hormones such as estrogens and progestogens. In this period many women complain on hot flashes, night sweats and others. In the period of menopause women usually relieve hormonal replacement therapy.

Another condition that is closely related to menopause is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that becomes fragile and more susceptible to fractures. The treatment of osteoporosis includes life style changes, proper nutrition and certain medication such as Fosamax and Evista.